Our Clients take responsibility for their actions. They make strategic decisions affecting their shortterm and longterm reputation.

Our company, JJM Polska, knows it well how up-to-date knowledge is crucial for making the right decisions effectively. To our Clients — we are partners; therefore, we create individual projects for them to address the contemporary problems and growing expectations.


We recover any equipment belonging to our Clients. It can include refrigerators, cooling equipment, coffee/tea machines, vending machines, or display furniture.


We analyse marketing contracts for our Clients in order to secure their interests. If their partner fails to meet the terms and conditions of the contract, we terminate it on behalf of our Client and recover their movable assets.


We are aware that debt collection in the Polish and international hospital sector is not an easy process. But we have the knowledge and experience to reach patients who have not paid for their hospitalisation, in Poland and the European Union – effectively. We also support hospitals in pursuing claims against their business partners.


Working with FMCG companies, we support our Clients by assessing whether their business partners comply with trade and marketing agreements. Our specialists draw up a report that says whether actions and/or omissions affect the Client reputation and to what extent the terms and conditions of cooperation are followed. Based on the said assessment, the Client can quickly and appropriately implement solutions to protect their interests.

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